Trader Joe's Update


WRCO and the West Ridge Chamber are continuing in their efforts to open a Trader Joe's in West Ridge.  After reaching out to the corporation several times with no response, we approached Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky.  Fortunately, she was able to speak with a development person in the region and gain their attention.  At this time, we have submitted an application to them for a store including our petition with close to 1500 signatures and positive comments from over 400 residents, along with support letters from Ald. Silverstein and State Rep. Denyse Stoneback.  Given the strong neighborhood support, it is our understanding that West Ridge will be included in next year's real estate strategy planning. 
Let's continue to collect more signatures on the petition so Trader Joe's knows our community wants and will support a store. While we have almost 1,500 signatures, let's aim to reach 2,000! Here's the link to the petition - if you've already signed please ask your neighbors to sign