The Chicago Plan Commission has delayed the authorization to negotiate a sale of the old Northtown Library since WRCO, other organizations and residents have raised questions surrounding this sale. There has been a lack of transparency, communication and community involvement in the sale of this City owned public building. While authorization was on the March 17th Plan Commission agenda, that did not make sense as the Department of Planning and Development had issued an invitation for proposals with a deadline of March 31. We will keep you informed as further information and updates are available. 

In order to avoid such confusion and lack of transparency in the future, WRCO is planning to meet with Ald. Silverstein to propose a process through which community residents will have knowledge of and input into decisions regarding land use and developments in the 50th Ward. A majority of the city's wards have either a process of notification or a committee that advises the alderperson on matters of zoning, land use and development. 

 To show your support for creating a process in the 50th Ward please sign the petition below. 

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