Rather than voting on Election Day you can choose to vote by mail or in person at early voting sites which are now open.  The deadline to request a mail in ballot is Thursday, March 14th.  Use the link below to access the information you need.


Note that you can vote at any early voting site in the City.  If you want to vote closer to home then West Ridge residents can vote in the 50th ward site at the Northtown Library, 6800 N Western or the 40th ward site at the Budlong Woods Library, 5630 N Lincoln.  Voting site hours are: weekdays 9-6; Saturday 9-5, Sunday 10-4 and Election Day 6am-7pm.

While there’s quite a bit of information on the major races in this primary, once again the judicial elections are slighted.  Use the link below to find out which judges you’ll be voting for and whether they are qualified and/or recommended.


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