WRCO Board

Evelyn Miks, Chair 

Evelyn Miks has been a West Ridge resident for 12 years.  She worked with AFSCME for over 20 years as a union organizer and then Regional Assistant Director.  Her background is also in community organizing.  Now retired she has been active in the community through the LEARN committee to get a new library in West Ridge and active in WRCO to promote economic development and establish a multi-cultural center. 


Andrew Rowlas, Vice-Chair 

Andrew worked in the public schools for 38 years in Indiana and with Chicago Public Schools – mostly as a school counselor but also with administrative experience as a principal. When he worked in Indiana and cChicago, Andrew was active in his professional organizations in the counseling profession and teacher bargaining rights in local school teacher associations. He is developing a Block Club for his residential block, active in newly formed Senior Village for our neighborhoods and serves on the Program Committee and, as WRCO Chair, initiated the re-establishment of the Warren Park Advisory Council. Andrew believes that the support of “community” is important in the emotional, social, psychological and spiritual wellbeing of everyone.


Irv Loundy, Treasurer 

Irv Loundy is the Senior Vice President of Devon Bank. Along with his work with WRCO, Irv serves on the 24th District Police Advisory Committee, West Rogers Park Economic Development Committee, and the West Ridge Chamber of Commerce.



Hillorie Morrison, Secretary

Ingrid Nevinger, Board Member

Ingrid has resided in the West Ridge community for nearly 20 years. She is excited to join the WRCO board and to serve on the West Ridge Artist committee. A veteran public school music teacher, she also enjoys freelancing as a musician, photographer and graphic/web designer.

Mirko Popadic, Board Member 

Mirko is an independent producer, director, videographer and editor. Based in Chicago's West Ridge community, he has executed a variety of projects ranging from education, theatrical art productions, ethnographic and bio documentaries, to advocacy related projects, medical education and marketing programs.

Ashish Sen, Board Member