WRCO Board

Evelyn Miks, Chair 

Evelyn Miks has been a West Ridge resident for 16 years.  She worked with AFSCME for over 20 years as a union organizer and then Regional Assistant Director.  Her background is also in community organizing.  Now retired she has been active in the community through the LEARN committee to get a new library in West Ridge and active in WRCO to promote economic development and establish a multi-cultural center. 

Andrew Rowlas, Vice-Chair 

Andrew worked in the public schools for 38 years in Indiana and with Chicago Public Schools – mostly as a school counselor but also with administrative experience as a principal. When he worked in Indiana and Chicago, Andrew was active in his professional organizations in the counseling profession and teacher bargaining rights in local school teacher associations. He is developing a Block Club for his residential block, active in newly formed Senior Village for our neighborhoods and serves on the Program Committee and, as WRCO Chair, initiated the re-establishment of the Warren Park Advisory Council. Andrew believes that the support of “community” is important in the emotional, social, psychological and spiritual wellbeing of everyone.

Mirko Popadic, Treasurer

Mirko is an independent producer, director, videographer and editor. Based in Chicago's West Ridge community, he has executed a variety of projects ranging from education, theatrical art productions, ethnographic and bio documentaries, to advocacy related projects, medical education and marketing programs. 

Hillorie Morrison, Secretary 

Hillorie Morrison has lived in West Ridge since 2015. After receiving Master's degrees in Urban Planning and Public Administration from the University of Wisconsin, she worked for Baltimore County, Maryland as an urban planner for 15 years. Later, she earned a J.D. from the University of Maryland and continued working in the field of land use, zoning, and real estate. In Baltimore, she was on the board of several non-profit housing advocacy organizations and worked on many initiatives to encourage public and private investment. Now retired, she helps with the care of three young grandchildren who also live in West Ridge. She loves the diversity of the neighborhood and is especially interested in projects which bring different segments of the community together to promote their common interests.

Michael Frankenstein

Michael moved to West Ridge almost 30 years ago, attracted by its diversity. My wife and I have had the privilege to meet so many interesting people who have become our life long friends. I received my professional education at Northwestern University and the University of Chicago. After retiring from my career as a physical therapist for 33 years in 2014 I became more involved in our community, joining and participating in social, economic and climate justice organizations such as One Northside, JCUA, and The Peoples Lobby as well as Refugee One and the Tree House Humane Society (helping to establish, for example, a civilian oversight commission over the police). I have also been involved in multiple local political campaigns (both aldermanic and mayoral) as well as statewide and national electoral and issue campaigns, participating in city council meetings and traveling to Springfield on many occasions to help promote a more fair, just and inclusive environment for all our residents. Now by becoming a more active member of WRCO  I hope to assist our community in securing its progress moving forward into the future.